How Rashmi splashed a smile across my face :)

I met all kinds of people at the event : Cute kids who wanted dorm posters, elegant ladies in love with Krishna, Silent grandma/pa who’s eyes scanned my work up and down, confused aunty’s who wondered why the hell a house needs a coaster,new homers with full of cheer about Ganesha is their hallway and wonderful non-Indians who were so respectful and eager to know about my culture and history behind the art forms. All of them either had shy smiles,loud advices or mild appreciation for me.

Rashmi, stood out from all. She walked up to me with her camera and said all the lovely things I always wanted to hear about Aure. Her words were whole-heart ed.  If it was not creepy to hug a stranger in your stall, I would have hugged her then and there.

Thank you so much Rashmi, It’s your love and kind words that keeps me motivated to create more. The event was special for me in ways, It was my first time out there in open from my online world. I got to meet such wonderful people who shared my same enthusiasm for art and colors.There were times when I doubted my own work and was hesitant if it would be accepted by any,but the event revoked my confidence and restored faith in Aure 🙂

Thank you!

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Aure @ events

Seeing your prints alive and being appreciated is a big dose of battery recharge. The prep work, setting up / staging and best of all the little conversations with the visitors totally made my day.

431 2 9 10 13

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Coaster time!

Apply some Aure to a square block and end up with some classy cool coasters. Won’t your mug just love to sit on this? 🙂 to customize

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Desi style party invites




panipuriparty1When my friends gather it usually rains samosas and chai. If your story runs the same, these stylish desi-style invites could come in real handy.

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Custom summer party invites

It’s time to wear those flip-flops and drool some ice-cream : invite your friends with style and get the party started!


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Summer prints in store

chairsummer1  chairsummer2 summersun1Mint, coral, navy, beer and sun have arrived. Let’s get the party started!

shop at

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Internet finds # Indigowhite

il_570xN.447368555_2kfaThis oil/vinegar bottle from etsy and mehendi pillows from amazon

is too breezy gorgeous, right? 61SMHJ1OE8L


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