Aqua prints

I was always a patron of dark earthy colors of maroons and browns (natural Taurean instincts?! ) yet surprised myself with some new found love for the aquamarine colors of blues, teals and turqs. Its weird how my shop cart ends up with all this blue stuff out of nowhere….Maybe it is because my roomie’s favorite colors are blue or maybe it’s the sea finally calling me šŸ™‚ Either ways, I am a happy mermaid for now !

8x10fish 8x10 latticeShop these prints @ my etsy shop


About aliveandcrazy

I'm just a simple crazy girl, who dreams about 6 impossible things a day. Born and raised in a charming city of southern India, my new life in Seattle has provoked me to share my amusing episodes in this alien land. Although I used to work as a full time fashion designer, I am now a happy housewife exploring ways to chew the brains of my loving husband :) With my diary going public you can read my mind voice,travels,cooking/crafting experiments and much more. I would love to hear from you---be it rotten tomatoes or warm cheers send them to
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