The taste of freedom

The taste of freedom

While I created this poster, my mind was overlapping with random thoughts of home.Elementary was the time I was introduced to a beginners directory about Indian Independence. Cut-paste chart work of the flag,Gandhiji, barathiyar was a just a fun craft then.And independence day was THE day to look forward to… no-uniform, free chocolates and holidayyyyyyyy.

Around high school, Indian history had finally got me..having understood a bit of what happened,I was having blood boiling moment of my ancestors being put to shame by the Britishers.While I sipped coke,heard MTV and thought backstreet boys were the coolest humans alive the history class alone was a hour of anti-western thoughts.How patriotic!!

Soon there was a transition. In college, I was blaming Nehru and Gandhi for making a mess while setting up our nation and almost wished the Britishers never left the country at all.I saw myself always complaining about the roads,air, water, crowd,politician, injustice, corruption and what not.

But today, miles apart from the homeland, none of this seem to matter. I begin to see that amidst the chaos of India are just loud,happy people with a true sense of freedom.It was may not be the right way but It’s sure the more fun way.

And the big realization : Iam just good at making a big list of complaints. When I see injustice and wronging around me, I could never rise nor neither raise an army.I watch the news, crib about the country’s state,change the channel and go back to live my life. This gulped me with great feeling of respect for Gandhi and all the freedom fighters who stepped up from the crowd, spoke aloud their thoughts and fought for what they believed in.I respect that courage, dedication, patriotism and commitment. Salute!
Maybe someday, I will face my demons and lead an army to clean up my country and strike out every single point in my complaint list.

Happy Independence day guys! The dawn to the new beginning is not far- stay with hope.


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I'm just a simple crazy girl, who dreams about 6 impossible things a day. Born and raised in a charming city of southern India, my new life in Seattle has provoked me to share my amusing episodes in this alien land. Although I used to work as a full time fashion designer, I am now a happy housewife exploring ways to chew the brains of my loving husband :) With my diary going public you can read my mind voice,travels,cooking/crafting experiments and much more. I would love to hear from you---be it rotten tomatoes or warm cheers send them to
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